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On average our clients gains 1500 REAL followers and increases their engagement rate by 30% in the first month. The success of your business depends on the engagement you are creating with your followers. We take this time-consuming task away from you, so you can focus on what’s most important to you. 

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Total Followers Gained Using SocialHogs

What do we specialize in?

SocialHogs is a system that is peer reviewed and unique. We weigh social engagement rate, audience quality, and geography to deliver the best customer experience in an affordable manner. perfect for anyone who wants a serious social presence without having to sacrifice an extensive amount of time & money to do so.

SocialHogs is a premium service devoted to your social growth, we provide a proven way to climb the social cloud and gain an audience for anyone including: Bloggers, Athletes, Bars, Restaurants, Retailers, Comedians, Influencers, & Niche Ecommerce businesses. 

How it Works

It Starts With A Great Plan





We link your Instagram account to our service with your username & password




Our Experts analyze your industry, geotags, hashtags, & competitors in your field



We then engage for you organically and grow your account



Fans and followers start to notice the engagement giving your account exposure and a bigger reach

Over 100,000 Followers Gained For Our Clients

Need convincing? Come see for yourself by enrolling into our 7 day free trial. You may cancel at any time.

Key Feature

Engagement Rate & Follower Quality Optimization

Engagement Rate & Follower Quality are very important to seeing return of investment. We are able to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to your follower growth. We remove bad hashtags, bad geotags, and target the highest engaged followers along the way. 

Key Feature

Competitor Analysis

Our experts study and analyze your niche market and who has the most influence in them. We are then able to pinpoint which tactics are working for these competitors and implement a similar growth plan for your account.

Key Feature

Weekly Profile Audit Reports.

We send weekly reports covering your engagement rate, number of comments gained, number of likes gained, hashtags targeted, & follower quality. 

SocialHogs Features

With Instagram having 1 billion active users a month. About 60% of users claim they use the platform to learn about a product or service. It’s not suprising seeing businesses take advantage of SocialHogs to make sales and scale their brand. Below are the features for signing up for one of our memberships.

Hashtag Targeting

Account Management Targets any hashtag used on Instagrams Platform.

Advanced Niche Targeting

Targets any niche market gathering data on competitors and future followers.

Linkedin & Instagram Optimization

Linkedin and Instagram Optimization available for Max Gold Members.

Geotag Targeting

Pick any location to market your Instagram Profile to.

In House Developed Content For Posting

Account Managers develop premium content for posting to convert followers into clients. Available for Max Gold Members.


Secure + Encrypted Stored Information

All information is stored and encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption protecting all data.

Social Targeting

Account Managers send messages/comments on your behalf for increased exposure. Available for Premium Black & Max Gold Members.

Weekly Reports

Weekly engagement reports analyzing week over week engagement and follower growth. 

SocialHogs Benefits

Convert Followers Into Customers

The features above give you the following benefits.

Return Of Investment

On average a company spends $43 dollars to acquire a new customer. Our memberships are designed to get you 10/20/30 new leads or clients a month for a fraction of the cost. 

Brand Exposure

We give your brand/account more exposure by engaging with 30,000 new accounts per month.


We keep your page relevant in your niche by following up with additional engagement with already accrued followers.


When you reach a certain level of Instagram followers depending on your niche it gives you the power of influence & authority within your market. People will want to collaborate with you or follow what you do and what you say on social media.


★★★★★ “I purchased the Silver Select Membership to help me gain & retain clientele.” 

-Mark Bale, Bar/Restaurant Owner


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